places to buy German chocolate and German chocolate brands places to buy German chocolate and German chocolate brands

Where can I buy german chocolate

Some people are fond of German chocolate. Thanks to its taste, everyone wants to have it more. When people look for German chocolate, it gets slightly harder to find. Today, we are here to share where you can buy German chocolate. Let’s dive in together.

Top 4 places to find German Chocolate


Supermarkets have thousands of products compared to the smaller markets. Therefore, you have higher possibility to find German chocolates. Before you go there, you can check online whether they have German chocolate or not.

Online MarketPlaces

Online marketplaces offer global solutions all over the world. If you are looking for a specific chocolate or you away from the supermarkets, it can be good alternative to order.

Old Town

This is especially good for you if you are already in Germany. Old towns generally have hand-made chocolate options. Therefore, you can have different taste if you are willing to see local culture. Moreover, you can also have some German chocolate cakes if you are visiting local areas.

German Streets

If you are out of the Germany and looking for the German chocolate, you should find German streets in your country. There are lots of German people in US and other countries. If you visit these locations, you will find lots of German products besides German chocolate.

What are top German chocolates?


Merci is one of the best taste buds since its introduction in 1965 by Storck. Renowned for its exquisite taste and premium quality, Merci offers a delightful assortment of finely crafted chocolates, each with its own unique flavor and filling. From creamy milk chocolate to rich dark chocolate, Merci provides a symphony of flavors to satisfy every chocolate lover’s palate. Packaged in elegant boxes with individual wrappers, Merci chocolates are perfect for indulging oneself or sharing with loved ones as a gesture of appreciation.


Schogetten offers an indulgent chocolate experience since its inception in 1978. Crafted with the finest ingredients and innovative techniques, Schögetten chocolates boast a delightful array of flavors and textures, ranging from smooth milk chocolate to intense dark chocolate and everything in between. What sets Schögetten apart is its innovative break-apart design, allowing chocolate lovers to enjoy customized portions and mix different flavors to create their perfect combination. I recommend trying the strawberry version for a fruity twist, and the hazelnut flavor for those who enjoy a nutty indulgence.


Milka is a cherished chocolate brand belonging to the United States, but it is now manufactured in Germany. It has been enchanting chocolate lovers around the world since its inception in 1901. Renowned for its distinctive purple packaging and Alpine cow symbol, Milka represents quality, indulgence, and the joy of life. Crafted with Alpine milk, Milka chocolate proffers a creamy and velvety texture that melts in your mouth with each bite. With a wide range of flavors, including classic milk chocolate, rich dark chocolate, and innovative variations like hazelnut, caramel, and strawberry, Milka has something to satisfy every craving.

Hachez German Chocolate

Hachez chocolate cheers up chocolate connoisseurs since its establishment in 1890. Renowned for its dedication to quality and tradition, Hachez offers a delectable range of premium chocolates made from the finest cocoa beans sourced from around the world. From rich dark chocolate with intense cocoa notes to creamy milk chocolate with a velvety texture, Hachez caters to diverse tastes and preferences. Each chocolate bar is meticulously crafted to perfection, ensuring a luxurious indulgence with every bite.

Ritter Sport

Ritter Sport chocolate captivates chocolate enthusiasts worldwide with its iconic square-shaped bars and wide array of delicious flavors. This German chocolate proposes a tantalizing selection of chocolate varieties, from classic milk chocolate to indulgent dark chocolate and unique combinations like marzipan, hazelnuts, and yogurt.






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