best esim provider in Europe best esim provider in Europe

6 Best eSIM for Europe

In Europe, eSIM cards are transforming how we stay linked by eliminating the need for physical SIM cards. These virtual SIMs offer perks like global roaming and easy switching between local plans, which is crucial for accessing digital services like train tickets and maps. But with numerous eSIM providers to choose from, finding the right one can be overwhelming.

We are here to help you make an informed choice, we researched and tested various eSIM providers. You should keep reading to see the top providers and plan for your European travels.

eSIM GO for Europe

This e-sim provider offers one of the cheapest prices in Europe. They sell e-SIM data over 30 countries. The price is starting from $5,49. It is quite good for 3 gb data across the Europe.


  • Only mobile data is covered. There is no phone number.
  • You only need to add e-SIM for activation. Simply scan your QR code.
  • Mobile hotspot is possible.
  • Full data speed. No limitation.


Sparks is another eSIM option that you can choose for both Europe and the United States. Thanks to their over 40 destinations, you will not disconnect from the internet. Sparks sell 5GB data for $6,99, which can be acceptable.


  • No phone number required.
  • e-SIM activation possible.
  • Mobile data share enabled.
  • Validity starts when you activate it.

3 – Mobile Data Provider

This is another mobile data provider that offers global solutions. If you are looking for beyond the Europe and global, you can take a look at 26 GB global mobile data package.


  • Include Hong Kong phone number
  • 16 GB general data + 10 GB for social media
  • Automatically connect to the local provider
  • No speed limitation


This is another global mobile data package provider. You can use this package over 100 countries. They sell 5 GB data for $35. Let’s take a look what they offer:


  • 60 days valid.
  • No phone number required.
  • Full data speed. No limitation.
  • Mobile hotspot is supported.

O2 Go Card eSIM

This mobile data provider supports eSIM with competitive local price. They sell 10 GB for $22,90. This eSIM is supported by over 35+ countries located in Europe.


  • Include eSIM number
  • Support 5G
  • Valid for 30 days
  • Calls not included
  • SMS not included


Holiday Zen eSIM package offers 12 GB internet for $29.90. This operator supports over 38 countries across the Europe. Thanks to their call and sms support, you can have unlimited conversations with loved ones.


  • Support 4G
  • Provide eSIM number
  • Calls and SMSs unlimited in Europe

Our Selection

We think eSIM help people connect easier and cheaper. Depending on your needs, there are a lot of options located in Europe. If you are looking for something global within the Europe and the World, you can think about first, second, third and fourth operators. If you are looking for European zone providers, you can select Orange or O2.

FAQs related to eSIM

Can I rock both my regular SIM and eSIM simultaneously?

Yup! With dual-SIM action, you can keep both your regular SIM and electronic-SIM active at once.

Can I get my Mobile Hotspot or Tethering groove on with my eSIM?

Absolutely! Mobile hotspot action is on the table for all our products, unless we say otherwise in the fine print.

I’ve already got an eSIM doing its thing in my phone. Can I hop on board with your service?

Sure thing! Your phone’s got room for multiple eSIM profiles. Just pick the one you want in your phone settings.

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