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Top 8 Shopping Malls in Antalya

Shopping tourism is always active in Antalya in all four seasons thanks to having a large number shopping malls. Therefore, Antalya is an ideal city for shopping in terms of many areas such as shoes, bags, glasses. In other words, you can find anything you desire to buy. In this article, you can find popular shopping malls located in Antalya. Let’s get started.

TerraCity Shopping Center

Terracity has an innovative style compared to standard shopping malls. This shopping mall has a total of 4 floors. TerraCity Shopping Center, where dining, shopping, entertainment and open air meet, is known for its proximity to the hotel area and health institutions. TerraCity Shopping Center is mostly preferred by the public and tourists as it is close to the sea and hotels.

Laura Mall / Shopping Center

Laura Shopping Center has two parking lots, indoor and outdoor. Since Laura Shopping Center is in Lara, it is very fast and easy to reach to Kundu hotels. Laura Shopping Center has many international brands. It is an active shopping center for food and beverage, cinema, and shopping. Laura Shopping Center is a shopping center that is also close to hotels and the sea, so it is highly preferred.

MarkAntalya Shopping Center

MarkAntalya Shopping Center is a shopping mall located in the very center of Antalya. There are 155 stores within MarkAntalya Shopping Center. It is a shopping center especially preferred by tourists. There is a currency exchange office. There are dining, entertainment, shopping, and outdoor facilities. Since MarkAntalya Shopping Center is located right in the center of Antalya, it is very easy and fast from every point of the city.

ÖzdilekPark Antalya Shopping Center

ÖzdilekPark is a one of the pioneer shopping and entertainment center in Antalya. It is one of the most preferred shopping centers due to its proximity to the airport and city center. ÖzdilekPark Antalya has many branded stores for its customers. It offers fun activities for both children and adults. There are also many dining options.

Mall Of Antalya Shopping Center

Mall Of Antalya is a very pleasant shopping center for shopping lovers. It is a center where adults and children can spend time as they wish. Mall Of Antalya Cinetech Cinemas provide a very high quality and comfortable environment for cinema lovers. Transportation to Mall of Antalya is very easy. It is easy to reach from every point of the city by bus and tram. This shopping mall is closest one to the airport. Mall Of Antalya Shopping Center is preferred by locals and tourists with its location, large parking lot, shopping, and entertainment opportunities.

Deepo Mall / Shopping Center

Deepo Shopping Center is generally known for its proximity to the airport and being adjacent to Mall of Antalya. It is preferred for its visitors in terms of shops, restaurants, and entertainment. Deepo Shopping Center has a wide variety of stores for shopping lovers. There are electronics, cosmetics, clothing, and decoration stores. Deepo Shopping Center is also an ideal shopping center for entertainment. This shopping center is next to the Mall of Antalya. In addition, the shopping center’s large parking lot and ease of transportation are among the reasons for preference. Lastly, this centre is kids friendly.

Agora Mall / Shopping Center

Agora Shopping Center aims to make visitors feel more than just a shopping mall. The shopping center includes stores in fashion, home decoration, electronics and many more. There are not only shopping options at Agora Shopping Center. There are entertainment and recreation areas for adults and children. It has large movie theaters. There are many restaurant options inside. Architecturally, it is a very large shopping center. Agora Shopping Center consists of two buildings. There is also IKEA Antalya on the other side. This shopping center is very close to the airport after Mall of Antalya & Deepo Outlet Center.

Antalya 5M Migros Shopping Center

Antalya 5M Migros Shopping Center is in Konyaalti Antalya, close to the sea and the hotels area. Therefore, it is a shopping center frequently preferred by tourists. It is usually crowded at all times of the year, but especially in the summer season, it is extra crowded because of its central location. Antalya 5M Migros Shopping Center has many clothing, technology, cosmetics, and jewelry stores together. Antalya 5M Migros Shopping Center offers not only shopping but also recreation and entertainment opportunities. With its large movie theaters, playgrounds, fast food, and cafe options, it allows adults, young people, and children to spend pleasant hours. Since Antalya 5M Migros Shopping Center is in a central location, it is very easy to reach from all over the city.

Shopping Malls Await You in Antalya!

There are really huge shopping centers and all you need to is to select one. According to your needs, location and time, you can choose the shopping center you like. Enjoy shopping. 🙂

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